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Who We Are

Who We Are

Born and bred in Northeast Ohio, SUN is a spirited, entrepreneurial “growth” agency with expertise in driving revenue via a robust, coherent and efficient business development and sales machine – creating processes that are repeatable, scalable and profitable. We like to say that we’re cheerleaders for the clients we serve and storytellers for their AWESOME organizations – we do that by building relationships and getting passionately involved in the communities you serve.

Most importantly, we’re committed to family, friends, community and the world in which we all live. Our passion is what drives our desire to make a difference, one encounter at a time, with businesses and people that are committed to creating their own awesome!

What Drives Us…

Our Vision

A socially-conscious agency driven to design and deliver high-impact outcomes that achieve our clients’ goals for growth. We do this by focusing on telling the story that solves real problems for their customers; developing better relationships, more quickly and engaging their community, more deeply.

Our Mission

We, at SUN, are committed to following:

  • Pursuing the personal and professional growth of everyone with whom we engage.
  • Being self-aware and willing to change or redirect course when needed.
  • Creating impactful outcomes.
  • Seeking continuous process improvement in our approach and that of our partners.
  • Leaving the world a better place, relentlessly pursuing awesome, each and every day.

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