Driving Sales Results For Startup Founders and Small Businesses

Learn the “HOW”

Understand the “WHY”

Do the “What”

Close the DEALS.

From Sales to Scale…

…through intentionality, accountability and transparency!

Tech Startups

As a tech founder, your first sales hire isn’t a Head of Sales, a Sales Development Representative or an Account Executive – it’s you. Just like your solution doesn’t work until you put the right technology and people resources in place to make it so, sales doesn’t work either until the same type of time, energy and structure are devoted to it. You can’t sell when you can’t get in front of prospective customers and can’t hire until you can teach someone how to do that.

Do it right, do it early and do it with intention – you’ll not only set yourself up for letters of intent, proofs of concepts, pilot and sales, you’ll be able to exhibit the type of traction investors are looking for if and when you’re ready to raise money.

Small Business

You can’t work on the business while you’re working in the business and you have to be able to grow your business beyond just selling to your friends, acquaintances and the occasional referral. You’ve sold your product or service, have you really maximize your sales activity by learning how to drum up more opportunities and close more deals? Could you teach someone to do it as well so you could get to the repeatable, scalable and forecastable revenue growth you’d like to achieve?

If finding “good” salespeople is a problem, the inability to be able show them a successful sales process for your business is an even bigger one.

“VCs are deploying capital with added caution - investing only in the strongest companies that can weather the storm and have a clear path to high growth.”


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


“To secure equity financing, companies need to show sufficient progress in product development, prove product-market fit and demonstrate strong traction…”.


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


“Startups are cutting costs and pursuing revenue generation wherever possible to increase runway and reduce the need to raise rounds…”.


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


Solve Your Sales Problems Starting Today

So, whether you’re in the early stages of your startup or you’re running a small business, SUN helps you maximize your performance as “head of sales” and create the best, right practices to generate repeatable, scalable sales activity while preparing you to hire your first sales roles in the future.

Phase One:
“Customer First” Approach
Phase Two:
Prepare to Sell
Phase Three:
From Sales to Scale

The Sales Sprint


Customer First Approach
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Success


Prepare to Sell
  • Building Prospect Lists
  • Leverage SUN SDR Resources
  • Create Traction
  • Secure LOIs, PoCs, Pilots, Sales!


From Sales to Scale
  • Create Repeatable, Scalable Processes
  • Document Sales Practices
  • Operationalize Repeatable, Scalable Sales Motion

The SUN Approach to Helping Founders Sell

  • Mindset – Understand the “WHY”, leveraging our enterprise and startup sales experience using principles included in Founding Sales, the Sandler Selling System and the Entrepreneurial Operating System.
  • Material – Learn the “How” and document the right, best practices. Document so you know what needs done and, just as importantly, creating the roadmap for what your next sales hire needs to know in order to create a repeatable, scalable that sales process that generates top of the funnel activity.
  • Motion – Understand, Learn and Do – as a founder, you need real sales help today! Focusing on current prospecting and sales activity, SUN brings “day in the life” coaching, leadership and energy during a 90 day period to get LOIs, PoCs, Pilots and even sales across the line – meeting you where you are today.

Results You Can Count On

  • Proficiency – Become the best salesperson in the organization and establish the “muscle memory” to do it over and over again.
  • Process – Establish the “roadmap” for success that others can follow, giving them confidence they can do it too.
  • Productivity – Generate real sales results today, the team at SUN can help you create top of the funnel activity, move stuck deals and close actual sales!

We Do Founder Sales...from Coaching to Closing!

If you’re a founder who has raised early stage funding or generated revenue and you need more customers OR you’re a small business who is ready to grow your current sales faster, let’s connect for a free 30 minute call to see if SUN can help!

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