Do you need funding?

Do you need revenue?

Actually, you need both!

“VCs are deploying capital with added caution - investing only in the strongest companies that can weather the storm and have a clear path to high growth.”


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


“To secure equity financing, companies need to show sufficient progress in product development, prove product-market fit and demonstrate strong traction…”.


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


“Startups are cutting costs and pursuing revenue generation wherever possible to increase runway and reduce the need to raise rounds…”.


National Venture Capital Association Q2 2023


As a founder, what do you need to do NOW?

In an increasingly difficult environment to raise money, revenue generation is the most important thing you can do to sustain your startup and exhibit customer traction you’ll need for future fundraising efforts. And, as a startup founder, you have to take the reins before being able to hire that “first sales rep”. Are you prepared to lead?

Through our 90 day “sales sprint”, learn how to engage prospective customers, excel in the revenue generation role and prepare your startup for its first sales hire.

Phase One:
Execute On the Basics
Phase Two:
Prepare to Scale
Phase Three:
Scaling for Growth

The Sales Sprint


Execute On the Basics

Customer Discovery

  • What’s the problem?
  • Who said it and what’s the cost?
  • Would someone pay to fix it?

Customer Engagement

  • Who should I talk to?
  • Where are they?
  • Why would they talk to me?

Customer Acquisition

  • What’s my value proposition?
  • What’s the ROI for the client?
  • How do I get to “trust”?


Prepare to Scale
  • Create initial Prospect Lists utilizing SUN’s SDR team member
  • Obtain Real Customer Feedback – Product Marketing and Management Intelligence
  • Create Traction and Exhibit Product Market Fit – LOIs, Pilots, POCs, SALES!


Scaling for Growth
  • Document Actual Sales Practices That You Have Executed
  • Create a Process for Repeatable, Scalable Sales Motion
  • Operationalize Sales Motion for Successful Sales Hire

How do we accomplish this?

SUN delivers actual “day in the life” coaching, leadership and energy during a 90 day period, acting as a sales “co-pilot” in actual conversations. Meeting each founder where they are, we implement a hybrid approach to methodologies detailed in Founding Sales, the Sandler Selling System and the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

SUN Deliverables

  • Access to SUN Sales Accountability Platform
  • Utilization of SUN SDR and List Build Capabilities
  • Weekly Intentionality and Accountability Session
  • Participation in Customer Discovery and Sales Calls
  • Creation of Sales “Data Room and Playbook” for onboarding sales new hires

Founder Outcomes

  • Flatten your learning curve as a “sales founder” – you don’t have time to waste
  • Get direct customer feedback to iterate on product
  • Maximize current and prospective customer activity
  • Create the repeatable, scalable revenue generating process
  • Build “Muscle Memory” for future fundraising

Helping Build Companies That Thrive

If you have raised early stage funding and/or generated revenue in the past 12 months and you need to grow (and go faster), let’s connect for a free 30 minute call on what’s happening in your startup!

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